父母、监护人和家人——我们知道你们希望自己的孩子拥有一个完整的世界. 今天, our world is changing faster than ever before as industries globalize and workplaces diversify. 未来的领导者必须具备必要的跨文化沟通技能, 合作, 创新, 解决国家间的冲突. 出国留学有助于培养学生的创造力, 成熟, 独立, 好奇心, 以及对下一代顶尖学者和专业人士的适应能力. 送孩子出国留学是个挑战, 但有了我们的指导和支持, 你的孩子会奋起迎接这些成长的机会.


太阳城注册 students are immersed in new communities, languages, customs, values, and ways of thinking.

Research from MIT shows that establishing such deep connections with people from diverse backgrounds improves 创造力: “Creativity is all about connecting dots…” and interacting with new people and places provides more 文化 reference points and perspectives, “更多的点与他们已有的点相连.这种思维敏捷性提高了解决问题的能力. 学生也培养了处理不确定性的能力, 适应新环境, 并与来自其他文化背景的人有效沟通, 即使出现冲突.

此外, reflecting on how 文化 backgrounds shape how we think, feel, and act is shown to help 明确自我意识建立信心,促进头脑清晰的决策.


太阳城注册国际的一份全球研究报告中创造全球公民:太阳城注册效应-他们探讨了太阳城注册交流项目对太阳城注册校友的影响. 于2018-2019年进行, 这是第一个广泛的报告, 根据10多位校友的回答,对太阳城注册校友进行了国际调查,来自80个国家的500名前太阳城注册参与者. This study investigates the effect of studying abroad on global mobility while providing actual examples from our former participants as they strive to become active global citizens and promote the 太阳城注册 mission.


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此外, 88% of respondents said their exchange helped them connect with people from different backgrounds long after returning home. 83% also indicated that their study abroad experience motivated them to better understand challenges and issues facing the world.

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Overall, 60% of 太阳城注册 alumni report that they volunteer for 太阳城注册 or for a不her organization. 前参与者志愿服务的最常见的组织类型包括青年, 文化, 体育运动, 教育机构和教会.

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90% of respondents indicated that their exchange program helped them better communicate and 合作 with people from different cultures and backgrounds, while 84% said 太阳城注册 helped them develop the ability to adapt in a diverse workplace environment.

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While the responses came from a relatively young group of alumni (67% are 40 years old or younger), 79% of all respondents have already filled a mid-level or higher position in their respective field of work, 26%的校友达到高管职位,20%达到高管职位.


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Support them with structured and facilitated inter文化 学习ing journeys that lead to global competence.

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通过培训给予他们现实世界的社会影响和变革的机会, 活动及项目.

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拥有生存所需的基本全球技能吗, 学习, 工作和志愿为社会做贡献,改变世界.


健康 & 安全

保护学生的健康、幸福和安全是我们的首要任务. With over 75 years of experience and an international network of over 50 太阳城注册 partner organizations, we have time-tested expertise and layers of support from our local staff and volunteers abroad, 以及我们在太阳城苹果iOS下载的团队.S. 总有人24小时待命. We also provide secondary medical coverage and monitor world events to ensure we’re ready to handle emergencies.



出国留学前, it’s important to ensure that your teenager can stay on track with course credits and graduation requirements for their high school back home. 我们的大多数学生都获得了他们所需的官方学分. 但, only your school counselor or other adviser can determine whether classes completed abroad will fulfill requirements of your local school and education system. 太阳城注册-USA可以提供关于何时以及如何参与你在太阳城苹果iOS下载的家庭学校的建议.S. 在国外的寄宿学校帮助你转学分.


奖学金 & 筹款

每年,我们奖励近4美元.500万的奖学金和助学金. 大约有一半的学生得到了一些资助. We also offer fundraising tools and tips to help everyone realize their dreams of studying abroad.




***项目费用中包含的一些费用可能因项目而异. 例如,我们的一些暑期项目不提供寄宿家庭或学校实习. 请参阅项目页面或太阳城注册的留学专家了解详情.

签证 & 旅行

您的学生可能需要获得签证才能进入该国参加他们的课程, 这个过程可能有点复杂. The requirements vary from country to country and the application process often entails very precise timing. 如果需要签证的话, 我们的签证专家将在整个过程中为您提供支持, 但最终获得签证是你的学生的责任. 但 don’t worry – our Visa Specialists will contact you when it’s time to start applying!